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BJ builds your website with either a modified theme or a personal design. The work does not end when the website is ready. If you cannot manage your page yourself, BJ will help you all the way with all support that is needed.


Based on your wishes and your business idea, BJ creates printoptimized PDF files that you can send to your printing office. You can also let BJ help you to choose the right supplier. BJ helps you with everything that there is about print on different materials.


BJ would very much like to design a logo for your business. It will be possible to increase the size of the logo with retained sharpness and quality. Alternatively, BJ can help you to digitally vectorise a logo if you already have got one. Get your own logo by BJ!

Selected websites

Some examples of websites designed by BJ

Project 8

Project 7

Project 6

Project 5

Project 4

Project 3

Project 2

Project 1

Thank you for your patience with a demanding customer. The homepage and the logo became topnotch with a great teamwork!

Sabina Lindahl – Clinic

Thank you for good cooperation and quick feedback throughout the production. The website was beyond expectation, My poverty of ideas was compensated by your creativity. So pleased, can highly recommend BJ.

Åsa Floderus – Åsas Hundservice

Quality over expectations! Good communication during the process. We are very pleased with the website and logotype. In addition, good value for money - I would like to hire BJ again.

Kaij Lundgren – Nacka Office

BJ got "free hands" to build the club's website and we were not disappointed. The website has a very nice layout and is easy to navigate. The Swedish Podengo Portuguese Club can highly recommend BJ to similar assignments.

Pekka Nykopp – The Swedish Podengo Portuguese Club

BJ was free to design a website and a logo for my dogwalking company, I think I only mentioned my favorite color. The result was beyond expectation! Quick, neat and professional. I am very pleased!

Marika Dahlström – Hundmorsan

What great website you've done to me BJ. I'm more than just happy! And so cheap, next to embarrassing. Check out

Robban Palmehed – THC Dalarna

I have leaned back and seen how the website did take shape. Throughout the time I have felt involved, and the communication with BJ has been uncomplicated, fast and full of positiv spirit.

Annika Björkman – Björkbygdens Kennel

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Why BJ and WordPress?

Knowledge and experience

BJ has been active at the net since the childhood of Internet and has a great knowledge and long experience from the graphic industry.

Creativity and flexibility

BJ's creativity and WordPress flexibility make it possible to create a personal website that can be developed based on your needs and your level of knowledge.

BJ uses

BJ has chosen to always use to provide the highest possible quality, support and security. For the same reason, BJ always recommends as a web host. In addition to the cost of server location and domain address for the web hotel, you only pay a fixed one-time fee for BJ's services with a website.


Some examples of logos designed by BJ