Welcome to BJ

I have worked in the graphic industry more than 30 years, mainly as project manager but also with marketing and sales. Still I think it is fun and therefore I gladly continue with graphic production. Now I am a freelancer and letting Frilans Finans manage my billing.

Zebraxing was the name of the company I ran for the last 15 years. During that time, I worked primarily as a printbroker with sales. I also held training projects for my customers. I educated them in what they should think of, and ask about, to get the best printresults.

Throughout all that time I was interested in media technology and step by step learned to produce with different graphic production programs. Now I use WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign as my main tools. I also have good knowledge of e-commerce. I have created online shops and know which e-commerce options that are available at the market today.

BJ will help you with a website as well as a logotype and give support if you get stuck in your WordPress panel. Via screenshots and short videos, I’ll show you how to find your way in the WordPress-panel of your own website. It is easier to understand if you are familiar with the panel. I can also help you with print originals and choose the right printing office for you. If you need help with photography, I’ll arrange it through my personal network

Last but not least, I have a lot of contacts if you need help with your entire marketing or other related issues that I personally cannot help you with. You are most welcome if you prefer or need to focus on your business rather than spending your valuable time to build, for example, a website.

I offer you my time, experience, knowledge, creative design and professional consultation as well as support if you get stuck in your WordPress-panel!


Warm welcome!
Bert-Åke Byqvist Juninger

Frilans Finans,  approved for F-tax, are managing some of my administrative functions such as invoicing, payroll and taxes.